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aquaculture cage  specializes in product development, shellfish farming techniques, manufacturing and the distribution of shellfish aquaculture grow-out equipment.

 Our Products include: HDPE Plastic Mesh,HDPE oyster mesh,Oyster Bag,Floating oyster mesh Bag,Gutter Guard Mesh,Plastic Square Mesh,Orange Safety Mesh,Tree Guard Mesh,Plant Supporting Mesh.

Our professional product “oyster mesh Bag”. we have invent a series of oyster bag product, used in the seedling growing and adult oyster growing. We supply both square oyster mesh bag,and Diamond oyster mesh bag.Oyster bags are available in square or diamond mesh, sealed or open ends from 3mm through 23mm. can supply you by the piece, bundle, pallet or container Shock cord, hog rings, SS bag clips and hook as well as the PVC sliders are in stock to close up you bags.

We want to talk to you about your shellfish farming needs and any improvements we can help you make to your growing process.



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Phone: +86 18331821898

Email: carreybai@yahoo.com


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